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  • Registration System
  • Project Type: Individual Project
  • Project Period: 2023

SSV National Meeting Registration System

SSV (Society of Saint Vincent) is is an international Catholic non-profit organization with branches across different countries, including Indonesia. Dedicated to assisting the underprivileged, SSV carries out its noble mission guided by the spirit of Saint Vincent. Every three years, SSV members from all corners of Indonesia convene for a national meeting, fostering unity and collaboration.

To streamline the registration process for this significant event, a comprehensive system has been developed. This user-friendly system efficiently captures and stores essential personal data required by the organizing committee. Upon arrival, participants are kindly requested to confirm the accuracy of their previously entered information. The collected data plays a crucial role in generating insightful reports, facilitating group assignments, and fulfilling various administrative requirements. Furthermore, the system is equipped to generate customized certificates for the participants, adding a touch of recognition and appreciation to their involvement.

Tech HTML 5, PHP, CSS 3, Bootstrap, MY SQL, Laravel 10
  • Attendance Checklist
  • Attendance Data Manager
  • Certificates Generator
  • Team Generator Based On Participant Age
  • Document Generator