Project information

  • Logistic Management System
  • Project Type: Individual Project (Final-year project)
  • Project Period: 2022

Logistic Management System

The Logistics Management System (LMS) is my final year project. LMS is an innovative tool that aims to revolutionize the delivery process by providing valuable assistance to traders, consumers, and couriers.

One of the key features of LMS is its ability to efficiently direct goods purchased by consumers to the nearest warehouse or store based on stock availability. Furthermore, LMS enables users to easily track the status of their shipments, offering real-time updates to ensure transparency and peace of mind. Notably, LMS provides consumers with highly accurate estimated delivery times, down to the hour, ensuring a superior customer experience.

For traders, LMS serves as an invaluable asset for scheduling shipments, taking into consideration warehouse stock levels as well as vehicle capacity in terms of weight and volume. Leveraging this information, traders can optimize their delivery operations, making efficient use of available resources. In addition, LMS incorporates the powerful Google Maps API, which intelligently suggests optimal delivery sequences. This integration further enhances the efficiency of the delivery process, saving time and reducing costs.

Couriers, who play a vital role in the final mile of delivery, also benefit from LMS. The system provides couriers with an optimized order of delivery, enabling them to plan their routes effectively and ensure timely deliveries. Couriers can also report crucial information such as item dispatch, any encountered issues, or delays in delivery. By keeping all stakeholders informed, LMS facilitates effective communication and problem resolution.

In summary, LMS represents a groundbreaking solution for logistics management, addressing the needs of traders, consumers, and couriers alike. By leveraging its advanced features, LMS streamlines the delivery process, providing enhanced convenience, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Tech HTML 5, PHP, CSS 3, Bootstrap, MY SQL, Google Maps API, Laravel 9
  • Order Tracker
  • Shpping Time Estimation
  • Identification Of The Source Of The Shipment (warehouse)
  • Shipping Planner
  • Shipping Vehicle Manager
  • Employee Manager