Project information

  • Rally Games App
  • Project Type: Individual Project
  • Project Period: 2022


Kerygma Games is an exhilarating rally game competition where participants engage in thrilling challenges at various checkpoints to collect valuable points and unique items. These collected items hold tremendous potential as they can be transformed into useful creations for later sale. To enhance the overall gaming experience and streamline the assessment process, a comprehensive system has been meticulously designed, aligning seamlessly with the game's dynamic flow and mechanics.

To ensure utmost convenience and accessibility, participants are equipped with a user-friendly mobile application. This innovative app allows them to effortlessly view the value and inventory of the items they possess, providing a real-time snapshot of their progress within the game. On the other hand, the dedicated station guards are equipped with a web-based dashboard. This interactive interface empowers them to input the items and corresponding values, ensuring accurate tracking and seamless integration with the participants' mobile app.

Tech HTML 5, PHP, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4, MY SQL, Javascript, QR Scanner
  • Mobile App (Android Web View)
  • Participant Absences
  • Scoring System
  • Participant Dashboard
  • Production Station, Sales Station, Imigration System, etc
  • Leaderboard
  • Game Monitoring Dashboard