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  • Real Estate Website
  • Project Type: Individual Project (Spatial Database Course Project)
  • Project Period: 2019
  • Project URL:

CARIRUMAH.COM, an exceptional project born during my student years while studying spatial database courses. This remarkable website serves as a haven for individuals in search of their ideal homes, lands, or shops. With its user-centric design and powerful features, redefines the property search experience, ensuring that every seeker finds a property that perfectly matches their preferences.

At, prospective buyers and tenants have the luxury of utilizing advanced filtering options to streamline their search. Tailor your preferences by specifying crucial criteria such as price range, land area, building area, desired number of rooms, and preferred location. This robust filtering system empowers users to narrow down their options and focus solely on properties that meet their specific needs and desires.

Taking innovation a step further, seamlessly integrates a cutting-edge map visualization feature. As users refine their search criteria, the system instantly generates corresponding properties on the map, providing a visual representation of their locations. Immerse yourself in a rich cartographic experience that not only showcases property placement but also unveils nearby amenities, transportation hubs, schools, and other vital points of interest. This holistic view empowers users to evaluate properties in the context of their surroundings, aiding in making well-informed decisions.

Tech HTML 5, PHP, CSS 3, Bootstrap, MY SQL
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