Project information

  • Laboratory Booking System
  • Project Type: Team Project (2 Members) | Practical Work Project
  • Project Period: 2021


During my time at the Faculty of Creative Industries at the University of Surabaya, I undertook a practical work project called Belabs, which holds significant importance.

Belabs serves as a comprehensive system designed to facilitate the process of borrowing laboratories and their equipment for both students and lecturers. By leveraging the capabilities of Belabs, students can conveniently place orders to reserve laboratory facilities, obtain information regarding the usage schedule, seek approval from their supervisors, and even communicate with the laboratory assistants.

For lecturers, Belabs provides a streamlined approach to monitor and oversee students' utilization of laboratories and equipment. Through the system, lecturers can directly grant approval for laboratory usage, ensuring efficient coordination and supervision.

Furthermore, Belabs greatly assists laboratory assistants in effectively managing the usage schedule and equipment maintenance. With the system's functionalities, laboratory assistants can stay informed about upcoming laboratory bookings, as well as track the status of equipment, identifying instances where repairs or maintenance are required.

Belabs presents a user-friendly online store interface, specifically tailored for borrowers seeking laboratory equipment or facilities. Borrowers can easily input their desired items and specify the preferred schedule, similar to adding products to a shopping basket. Once all the necessary items are in the basket, borrowers can proceed to place an order.

In addition to its core features, Belabs incorporates a notification system that ensures seamless communication among all stakeholders. The system sends notifications through email, keeping users informed about important updates, such as approved reservations, changes in laboratory availability, or maintenance requests.

In summary, Belabs acts as a comprehensive solution that enhances the borrowing process for laboratories and equipment within the university setting. By empowering students, lecturers, and laboratory assistants, Belabs simplifies communication, improves efficiency, and promotes a seamless experience for all parties involved, with the added convenience of email notifications for important updates.

Tech HTML 5, PHP, CSS 3, Javascript, Bootstrap, MY SQL, SMTP, Laravel 8
  • User Manager (Students & Lecturers)
  • Email Notification
  • Laboratory & Equipment Schedule
  • Laboratory & Equipment Booking
  • Lecturer Digital Approval
  • Equipment Maintenance & Repair Manager